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Give Your Skin a Lift With Medithread

Updated: Mar 23

A lot happens to your body as you get older, and those changes are especially visible on your face. Your skin gets thinner and muscle tone fades, which leaves your face with a variety of changes, like wrinkles and sagging skin. This is referred to as facial skin laxity. Facelifts are a common way to manage sagging skin, and injectables (cosmetic injections of various substances under the skin) are being used to promote the growth of proteins in your body. But not everyone wants to do facelifts, and injectables can only do so much. One newer method that provides results without injectables or surgery is the Medithread® PDO thread lift.

Patients in Marion, Ohio trying to manage sagging facial skin can rest easy. Adil Katabay, MD and Mounir Sandhaji, MD at Elite Rejuvenations have years of experience helping patients look their best.

What changes in your skin over time

As you get older, your body stops producing high amounts of a variety of hormones and proteins that help to literally shape your appearance. The proteins that are important to your skin are collagen and elastin.

Collagen makes up about one-third of the proteins in your body, making it the most abundant. There are 16 types of collagen in your body and it is responsible for giving skin its firmness, and helping to build bones, muscles, and tendons. Elastin is found in connective tissue in your body and works with collagen to provide elasticity in your skin and many other organs.

When your body slows down production on these important proteins, the skin becomes thinner, loses its flexibility, and starts the wrinkling and sagging.

How Medithread helps your skin

Rather than cut into the skin or inject under it, Medithread tightens your skin by suspending sections of it using a medical grade thread. The thread is used to pull back the skin and helps to promote your body’s healing response, creating a large amount of collagen to the treated areas. This helps to restore firmness and volume to the skin without having to remove skin. This reduces the time it takes for the procedure as well as the time for recovery.

During the procedure, thin, dissolvable sutures are pressed into the skin. Painless, invisible barbs are inserted in the skin to give the thread grip and the targeted areas of your skin are pulled. The barbs and the sutures stimulate the healing response from your body to start collagen production. This will allow collagen to fill in gaps and make your skin firmer and smoother. This procedure can be used to treat the brow line, your undereyes, forehead, cheeks, and the jawline (jowls).

What you can expect from Medithread

Best candidates for this procedure are healthy patients between their late 30s to late 50s, but older patients can use the treatment. Thread lifts don’t last as long as facelifts (usually one to three years), but they are very low risk for older people who may have conditions that would not make facelifts a viable option. This treatment is an outpatient procedure, meaning patients can get it and drive home the same day.

Some bruising, swelling, bleeding, and slight pain may be present just after the treatment, but doesn’t last. Immediate results will be visible, but best results may take up to a few weeks to set in. You will likely be advised to avoid rubbing or sleeping on the treated areas and to avoid saunas or high impact exercise for at least the first week.

So if you’re looking for firmer facial skin without surgery or injections, Medithread is a great new alternative. If you’re ready to look into treatment, call us or make an appointment online at Elite Rejuvenations today.

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