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How You Can Stay on Track During the Holidays When You're Trying to Lose Weight

Ah, the holidays! A perfect time to reconnect with family and friends… and your favorite high-calorie treats.

Every year, the average woman or man gains about a pound or two during the holiday season. That’s not much, right? Did you read the part of that sentence that says “every year”? Those pounds add up!

At Elite Rejuvenation in Marion, Ohio, Adil Katabay, MD, and our team of medical and aesthetics experts understand how tempting holiday snacks can be. That’s why we’ve compiled these tips to help you get through the holiday season without that extra pound.

1. Change up your snacks

Recent holiday traditions emphasize unhealthy snacks like cookies and candy. However, previous generations “indulged” in healthier treats, such as oranges and nuts. Look for exotic fruits, vegetables, and flavors that you’ve never tried to create a platter of tempting good-for-yous, instead of processed or sugary goodies.

2. Downsize your plate

Trick your eyes into thinking it’s getting more food by switching out your regular plates for holiday-themed plates that are significantly smaller. Also fill up the majority of your plate with the healthiest offerings, such as vegetables and lean proteins. Eat the really good stuff before you hit the “good” stuff.

3. Chew slowly

Chewing is an essential part of healthy digestion. Chewing your food thoroughly releases the foods’ beneficial enzymes. Taking time to savor each bite also allows you to focus on flavor and enjoy your food more.

Don’t eat while watching a movie or when you feel stressed. Take the time to create a stress-free, distraction-free mood. You can even start the meal off right by taking a few deep breaths and feeling grateful for your food, too.

4. Don’t stress out

Holidays are notoriously stressful. Stress causes your body to release higher levels of cortisol, which can lead to weight gain. Take time for yourself, away from kids, partners, and other family members who may be especially demanding during the holidays. Deep breathing, meditating, or listening to music can help you relax.

5. Hit the hay

Did you know that if you don’t get enough sleep, you can be hungrier? Sleep deprivation also slows down your metabolism, which makes it harder to burn fat. Try to stick to a regular bedtime and rise time, no matter how much partying is going on in your home or over Zoom.

6. Mind your drinks

Alcohol lowers your resistance to… more alcohol and all kinds of other unhealthy treats. Be sure you stay well-hydrated with water and other healthy drinks.

Choose brightly colored fruits and veggies, like strawberries and mint, to make flat or sparkling water more festive. Search the internet for low-sugar mocktails and have them ready, so you can turn to them right after a holiday drink or two, without feeling deprived.

7. Partner up

It’s easier to be successful when you pursue a goal with someone else. You can celebrate achievements together and stay accountable to each other when things get tricky. Find a holiday buddy, and your chances of keeping away that extra pound increase.

8. Taste tests count

If you’re likely to do more cooking and baking during the holidays, be careful of too much taste testing. Even small bites add up to more calories. You might consider having a nice salad or veggie plate before you cook so that you aren’t as tempted to nibble on those chocolate chips.

9. Be active

Don’t ditch your online exercise class or kettlebell routine just because the holidays have rolled around. Stick with the system you already have. Transform socially distanced get-togethers into opportunities to take walks or hikes in beautiful landscapes, too.

10. Make some new resolutions

If you’re still struggling with your weight, it may be time to make a New Year’s resolution you can keep. Instead of promising yourself you’ll make changes and then feeling guilty when you can’t, resolve to get the help you need to achieve your goals.

At Elite Rejuvenation, we offer medically supervised weight loss to make the healthy, fit figure of your dreams a reality for the coming new year. Feel free to call or request an appointment online today at Elite Rejuvenation today.

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