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How We Tighten Your Skin and Contour Your Body with One Treatment

Your face droops. So does, pardon our French, your derriere. You’d like to take control of your body and turn back time so you can start all over again and do it better.

Once upon a time, such a wish belonged in fairy tales. These days, though, your wish is our command. At Elite Rejuvenation in Marion, Ohio, Adil Katabay, MD, and our team of medical and aesthetics experts use a noninvasive treatment called Reaction™ by Viora CORE™(Channeling Optimized RF Energy) to help tighten your skin and sculpt your body.

Viora CORE tightens you all over

If you’ve never tried a skin-tightening treatment before, you may feel a bit skeptical or worry about side effects. Fortunately, the Viora CORE builds upon and amplifies your own body’s healing process to create the desired effect of smoother, tighter skin on your face, buttocks, and other wrinkled or sagging body areas.

Our aesthetic experts use a handheld radiofrequency (RF) laser device to focus the treatment only on the parts of your skin that need it. Typically, in the case of wrinkles, this means the face, but it can be used on other areas, too.

When the laser heats the inner layers of your skin, it stimulates new cell growth in the layer beneath as well as collagen and elastin fiber production. Collagen and elastin are proteins whose abundance lend the skin the structure and elasticity it has in youth.

The CORE has the added benefit of four levels of vacuum power that increase blood flow to the area, helping your skin rebuild itself quickly. The vacuum also increases lymphatic drainage to remove toxins and old cells. Finally, the vacuum power shrinks fat cells to decrease the look of fatty bulges.

You can use CORE anywhere you’d like to improve your skin. Your expert simply changes the treatment headpiece, depending on your chosen areas. Top choices include:

  • Entire face

  • Wrinkles

  • Scars

  • Sagging neck

  • Double chin

  • Chest

  • Buttocks

  • Abdomen

  • Hips

  • Thighs

  • Upper arms

  • Back

The end result is skin with more smoothness and greater elasticity – without wrinkles. CORE even improves the look of cellulite by contracting the collagen and smoothing the skin. It’s also an excellent treatment for scars and stretchmarks.

Skin tightening is safe and effective

The CORE creates impressive effects, but without side effects. The design of the treatment device includes a cooling element that keeps you pleasantly warm, but not hot, during your treatment.

Afterward, some patients report minor swelling, reddening, or bruising, but most patients do not experience any issues at all. Laser procedures have been around for quite a while. However, new options for skin tightening, such as Reaction by Viora CORE, which uses radiofrequency energy, are extremely effective and safe.

Almost anyone benefits from a CORE treatment. However, anyone with a pacemaker or women who are pregnant should not undergo the procedure.

You love your results

After the first session, your skin will already feel fuller and tighter. Most women and men undergo a series of three to eight sessions to achieve their desired results. We space out your sessions with at least two to four weeks in between each. Once you’ve completed all six sessions, you’re astounded by your results! You may opt for annual or biannual touch-ups.

To add Viora CORE to your self-care routine, contact our team at Elite Rejuvenation: Call or request an appointment online today.

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